Sony F828

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Representing the next level of digital still photography, Sony's DSC-F828 Cyber-shot® is the first consumer camera to incorporate four-color filter CCD technology and a Real Imaging Processor™. These new components are integral in capturing color accuracy closest to what the human eye can see, setting a new benchmark in camera performance. The new (RGB+E) filter adds an emerald-colored pixel to the filter pattern, realizing color fidelity that is closer to human color perception. Photographers will notice an extraordinarily life-like rendering of blue, blue-green and red hues. The Real Imaging Processor™ delivers increased speed with lower power consumption, enabling the F828 to capture an eight-megapixel image in almost half the time required by typical five-megapixel cameras! New manual controls, coupled with Carl Zeiss® T* optics, gives advanced photographers a broader range of mechanisms to determine focus, exposure and recording modes. Images can be stored onto CompactFlash® Type I and Type II media, as well as a Microdrive® hard disk drive or Memory Stick PRO™ media1. The Cyber-shot F828 truly embodies a premier imaging experience.

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