FTP Upload

Gena can upload generated gallery to a web server using FTP protocol. In order to publish the gallery to a web site choose "Publish/FTP Upload" from the application menu.

Specify FTP server and account information:

Server Name is a host name of your FTP server. (e.g. ftp.kozasoft.com)

Remote Directory specifies a location of your gallery on the server. We strongly recommend to use different directory for each gallery, otherwise new uploads will overwrite files from another gallery. Enter User Name and Password for your account on the FTP server. You can also specify FTP Port number if your server is using non-stadard port (default is 21). Enable Passive mode when your computer is behind a firewall and you can't establish a connection to the FTP server. If you don't know this information please consult your Internet provider.

You can also check Remember password box if you wish to store the password on your computer. Otherwise the password field will be cleared when you close the application.

By default, Gena will ask for user confirmation if file already exists in the target directory. You can check Overwrie existing files box if you want to always overwrite existing files during the upload process.

Gena always uploads output folder of the current gallery. Please make sure that curent gallery is ready in this folder. (e.g. preview the gallery - "Gallery/Show Last Gallery" in the application menu).

Press the Upload button to start FTP transfer.

You can press Abort anytime during the transfer. Please note that if you abort the transfer some files will not be transfered at all and some files will be transfered only partially.

Press the Close button when upload process is finished.