Gena user interface

Generally speaking, Gena lets the user accomplish four major functions:

  1. Load pictures and organize them into a gallery.
  2. Change Index page layout (specify number of thumbnails, choose between table/frame-based index page, set a navigation between index pages, select a background color or image, etc).
  3. Specify Thumbnail properties (width, height, jpeg quality, etc) and thumbnail effects (border, shadow, etc.).
  4. Specify Image page settings (Image size, background color or image, navigation, etc) .

The Gena application window consists of three sheets - "Gallery", "Thumbnail" and "Image".
The Gallery window can be used to perform the first two functions - i.e. load pictures and specify Index page layout.
Functions 3 and 4 could be performed in the "Thumbnail" and the "Image" windows.

You can switch between these three windows at any time using the Tab control at the top of the main application window.


The Build bar is located at the bottom of the application window and it is also accessible anytime.

You can create a web gallery using the "Build" button. The gallery will be created in the output folder with the current settings.
To change the output folder you can type the folder name in the build bar or browse for the folder using the "Browse" button.


The Picture bar displays an information about the current picture - file name, image resolution, size, date and control buttons - Delete, Rotate, Previous/Next and Preview. It also allows the user to enter various textual information related to the current image. First field always contains "Short Caption", which is used by default as caption for thumbnails in the index page. Second field can be used to type in other strings, depending on the text selector located on the left This selector switches between the following modes:


The Delete button removes the selected image(s) from the gallery. It removes links to the image(s) from the gallery but it doesn't delete the original files. The Application doesn't delete original files!

The Rotate button rotates the selected image(s) 90° clockwise. It doesn't rotate the original files, but the gallery will contain rotated thumbnails and rotated images. If you want to make other rotations, just click the "rotate" button several times.

The Previous/Next buttons let you change the current picture in the gallery. The Thumbnail and the Image windows also work with the current picture (the PictureBar displays an information about the current picture as well).

The Preview button invokes a separate window showing the full-size original image.


Application menu lets user to work with projects - save and load workspaces and provides access to the Advanced options and program preferences.