Application menu

The Application menu contains three sub-menus: File, Gallery and Help. Many menu items just duplicate the functionality of various buttons in the Gena user interface.


File menu

Gena can store Workspace files. A workspace file contains all gallery settings and links to gallery pictures.

Add pictures - Adds a file or several files to the gallery (same as clicking on the "Add Pic" button).

Add Folder - Adds entire folder to the gallery

New workspace - Creates a new blank workspace. This operation actually erases all pictures from the current workspace, all gallery settings remain the same.

Save/Open workspace menu items do just that - save and load workspace files.
Save As lets you store the current workspace under a new file name. Nothing fancy, right?

Recent Workspaces menu item contains a list of the last several workspaces you've been working with. Select a workspace name from the list to load it.

Properies - Displays basic information about the current workspace

Load Style - Displays Style Selection Wizard

Import Settings lets you load the gallery settings from another workspace. Using this operation you can simply reuse gallery settings between various workspaces.

Save as default settings allows the user to store the current gallery settings as start-up settings for Gena. The next time when you start the application it will load these settings automatically. This is convenient if you always use some settings for all your galleries and you don't want to set them every time you create a new workspace. You can always return to the original default options by using the next operation.

Restore Factory Settings - Loads the original default gallery settings (when you just install Gena it has these settings by default).

Exit - Quits the application. If the current workspace has been modified since the last save/load, Gena will suggest that you save changes you made.


Gallery menu

Build - Builds the gallery (same as the "Build" button). This action creates only modified parts of the gallery. For example, if you build the gallery, then only change the Title, and select "Build" again, Gena will rebuild only html files with a new title string in it, without recreating all images.

Rebuild All - Recreates the entire gallery - html files, thumbnails, images.

Build Only - Builds only a specified part of the gallery:

Show last gallery - Previews the last generated gallery in your default browser.

Add pictures - Adds a file or several files to the gallery (same as clicking the "Add File" button).

Add folder - Adds an entire folder to the gallery (same as clicking the "Add Folder" button).

Sort by - Selects a sorting mode for index pages (see Sorting in Index pages).

Stop loading - Aborts adding images to the gallery (useful when you added tons of images by mistake or just changed your mind).

Properties - Displays basic gallery properties - workspace name, number of images, etc.

Options - Pops up the Advanced Options dialog.



FTP Upload - upload generated gallery to a web server using FTP protocol


Help menu

Contents - Launches the application help system.

Register - Allows user to enter registration information.

About - Displays information about the application and the user registration data.