Gena can overlay (draw) a text or image over all gallery pictures. You can add multiple texts and images, change order of overlays and fine-tune overlay appearance. You can also use Gena Tags in the text to overlay image-specific information for each picture (file name, caption, etc.)

Object List contains all overlay elements - texts or images. By default the list is empty and you can add new elements using "Add Text" and "Add Image" buttons. Elements can be removed from the list ("Delete" button) and order of the elements can changed using "Up"/"Down' buttons. Gena draws different elements in the order they appear in the list.

"Position" control applies to both image and text objects. It specifies location of the object in the image. Nine predefined "anchor" positions are available (left, right and center alignments both vertically and horizontally). You can also specify X,Y offset from the "anchor" position.

You can click the Preview button anytime to see how gallery image looks like with current overlay settings. Current selected image will be used for preview (or default sample image if gallery is empty). Gena Tags will not be expanded in the Overlay Preview mode because they can be different for each gallery image.


Image Overlay Parameters

Use Browse button to select image overlay file.

You can also control Opacity of the overlay image. Value 100 means the overlay image is opaque (not transparent at all), value 0 means the overlay is totally transparent (invisible).

Use alpha channel box lets you specify whether to use transparency information form the image file or not. If this box is set Gena will use alpha channel from the file (if available) to blend the overlay image with the background.


Text Overlay Parameters

In the "Text" control use can type text string, select text Font, Color and Opacity. Text can contain Gena Tags.

Gena can draw fill a rectangular area (background) behind the text to make reading easier. In the "Text background" control you can specify the following parameters of this rectangle:

"Enable" - use text background feature for this text object
"Round" - draw background rectangle with rounded corners
"Full width" - rectangle occupies entire image width
"X,Y Margin" - custom margins to control size of the background rectangle
"Color" - background color
"Opacity" - separate opacity of the background rectangle