General options

This dialog lets you modify various application settings responsible for the general program behavior.

The Preview effects in index page checkbox switches between two preview modes for thumbnails in the Index page (see Thumbnail preview mode section).

Check the Resize small images to specified size box if you want to resize gallery images to the target size even when the original image resolution is smaller than the target resolution. Suppose you specify the target resolution 800x600 in the Image page window and you have a picture with the 400x300 pixels resolution. If this box is checked, the application will resize your image to 800x600 pixels, otherwise it will keep the original resolution of 400x300. Note, that image upsampling can't create a perfect picture, and image quality will degrade, especially when the zoom factor is large. That's why we recommend that you keep this box cleared (and this is the default mode).

The Autopreview gallery after build option lets you specify whether to run a browser after each successful gallery build to preview resulting gallery

Select the Open last workspace on startup option to enable last gallery auto-load when Gena is started.

"Load style dialog at startup" option tells Gena to start each session with Style Wizard.

Next option is Preload only visible images in large workspaces. When this option is enabled, Gena will not preload all images for workspaces with total number of pictures more than 32. In this mode Gena will only load pictures for "visited" pages, i.e. pages user is previewing in "Gallery index" window.

The File overwrite mode option is used to specify the program behavior when a target file name already exists in the output directory:

When the application is working in the "Ask for overwrite" mode it'll display a confirmation dialog for each existing file:


You can answer

The difference between "Yes to all" and "Always overwrite" is that "Yes to all" affects only the current build process, but "Always overwrite" changes a general application preference and therefore affects all subsequent gallery builds.