Image page window

This window contains all major settings for Image page and gallery Images themselves. User can specify a target image resolution here (or keep the resolution of the original image file), set a background image or a background color for the Image page, add a border to the image, adjust Navigation links etc.


Image resolution control

In this control you can select how to resize original images.

Four modes are available:

The resized picture is displayed in the central part of the window. If image is large, it's resized to fit the window and zoom factor is displayed above the picture. Zoom 100% means that the picture is displayed in actual size.


JPEG quality control

This control lets user specify jpeg quality of images in the gallery. The quality is measured from 0 to 100, 0 - the lowest quality and the smallest file size, 100 - the best quality and the largest file size. We recommend that you use values from 60 to 80 for typical real-world images. You can always evaluate the resulting image quality by switching to the JPEG preview mode (just check the "preview" box). In the preview mode you can also see jpeg file size in bytes. So you can always find the best balance between file size and perceived image quality for your gallery.



Border width and color

Gena can create a border around the image. Check the "Border" box to include a border in the Image page. This border is created by html code, so it is not a part of the picture itself. You can specify the border width (in pixels) and the border color.


The Navigation control allows the user to specify navigation links layout and pictures for navigation buttons in image pages. Click on the layout string to select it from the drop-down list or click the current set of buttons to change them. Different layouts and the Navigation Buttons control are explained here.

Background color/image selection

You can select a background color or a background image for the Image page. Click the "color" button to select a color or click the "browse" button to select a background image file (all browsers support .jpg and .gif files, so we recommend that you use only these file types). You can't select color and background image simultaneously.