Slide Show

Gena can add SlideShow to your gallery. During SlideShow Web browser automatically loads next image of the gallery after certain time interval specified during gallery creation.

Gena supports two types of SlideShow - in separate HTML file and in multiple HTML files (Image pages). Single-file slideshow allows to create nice transition effects between images (supported in IE 5.5+) and browser doesn't reload any HTML pages during slideshow - just images. Multi-file slideshow has other advantage; browser loads next Image page with all image-specific information, so all image captions, titles and other image-specific texts are retained in the page. Multi-file slideshow is also more compatible with older browsers so this mode is default.

SlideShow is implemented using Javascript and it will not work on browsers without Javascript support (or when Javascript is disabled by user).

SlideShow can be enabled from Advanced Gallery Options.

User can specify SlideShow Speed (interval between images) in milliseconds.

For Single-file SlideShow user can also specify HTML filename ("sshow.htm" by default), enable Transition Effect and "Loop" mode. SlideShow in the loop mode displays all images in the gallery over and over again. If loop mode is disabled slideshow will stop when all pictures from the gallery are displayed. Mutli-file slideshows are always working in the loop mode.