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About PhotoStamper

Unlike old fashioned film cameras, most digital cameras lack an ability to place a date stamp onto pictures. Certainly there is a way to stamp digital pictures in graphics editors. Unfortunately, JPEG compression is lossy and each recompression reduces image quality. Picture quality degrades when date stamp is added in an editor (even with the highest JPEG quality). It seems impossible to stamp a picture without quality loss.
And this is where PhotoStamper comes into play. It automatically reads the date of original picture from a JPEG file and places a stamp without modifying pixels outside the stamp area. PhotoStamper can process many images at a time and even remove a stamp later to restore original images!


Key Features:

  • Lossless stamp. PhotoStamper doesn’t modify any single pixel outside datestamp area (more…)
  • 100% Reversible. You can remove the stamp from the image to roll back to original image pixels (more…)
  • Shell Extension. You can stamp your pictures right from the Explorer window (more…)
  • Multi-language support. Various date/time formats for different languages (more…)
  • Stamp appearance is fully customizable (position, size, font, color, etc.) (more…)
  • Background area to make stamp reading easier (more…)
  • EXIF support. PhotoStamper reads image date and time from EXIF data (more…)

See here for additional information.